Mannfred von Carstein

Mannfred von Carstein has a longer Wikipedia article than most music celebrities. He’s also the star of the most excellent Realmgate Wars audio books by Black Library. I guess he won’t need much of an introduction if you’re familiar with the old (or new) Warhammer world. In case you have no idea who the von Carsteins are, I recommend Steve Savile’s trilogy Inheritance/Dominion/Retribution.

Originally I planned to paint the current “Mortarch” version of him, but a local toy store had a GW clearout sale and I got the old previous metal model quite cheap. While I like the model a lot, I quickly realized I am not used to paint solid chunks of metal anymore. It was quite a change from all the recent plastic and resin models 🙂



3 responses to “Mannfred von Carstein

  1. He looks very awesome! Just like he jumped out of a Heavy Metal cover! The blood effects look very good and the overall quality of the paintjob is impressive. The black armour came out especially well.

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