Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster

Oh, it’s 2016 already?

Well, let’s welcome it with a fresh repaint of my old buddy Heinrich. I am all over my Tomb Kings again, painting and adding stuff that has been around for ages. I originally painted this guy around the year 2000, I don’t remember exactly anymore. It was a rather ugly paintjob, so it needed a quick repaint.


While I had my camera in hand, I grabbed one of Heinrich’s friends from the cabinet: Akbeth, Heroic Pharaoh, by Reaper Miniatures, which I completed sometime last summer.


My finished model count after 14 days of 2016 is already at 10 and I’m hoping I can keep up the pace 🙂


One response to “Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster

  1. great job. Lichemaster is one of my favourite GW models. Painted him long long time ago (around 2000 year , I suppose:) and I love to get and paint him one more time…

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