Mechanicum Vorax class Battle-automata

The history of the Vorax class Battle-automata models is much more interesting than their in-game history. While it looks a bit like the 1990s Space Crusade dreadnought, Bob Naismith created the real ancestor already in 1989: the Crusader Robot, as part of the Rogue Trader release of “Imperial Robots”.


Incidentally, the release also included a Castellan Robot, which today has been brought back as the Castellax from FW (by Will Hayes) and Kastelan from GW (by Tom Walton). In 1993, the almighty Jes Godwin scribbled a new version of the Crusader Robot, labeled as Imperial Robot II, from GW’s now OOP “The Gothic and the Eldritch: The Collected Sketches of Jes Goodwin” (2001). (On the same page there’s a sketch of a Kastelan, 22 years before release!)


In 2014, Will Hayes took over and finally brought us: The Mechanicum Vorax class Battle-automata! Such a great legacy! I would love to own one of the early Crusader Robots, in case you have a spare, email me 😉

The Vorax class robots are designed as search & destroy units for rogue machines and mutant vermin and can be found on most forge worlds. They field a pair of rotor cannons and a lightning gun for long range, as well as power blades for close quarter action.
Painting was very quick, airbrushed silver on a black undercoat, followed by washes of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. I kept the carapace black and tried to add a bit of colour with lenses, weapon details, blood on the blades and Model Mates rust. Overall I am quite happy with the outcome!

No. 1, with Irad-cleanser:


No. 2, with lightning gun:


No. 3, with lightning gun:



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