Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought

It’s design templates long lost, the Contemptor pattern dreadnoughts are relics from the Horus Heresy era. They are the original dreadnought pattern and very rare on the battlefields of the 41st millenia. Luckily, Forgeworld knows no such shortages and supplied me with one in preparation for my upcoming Apocalypse games. As with most Forgeworld products, you have to buy the arms separately and there are plenty to choose from. Magnetizing the arms is super easy, so I will gradually get some more weapon options in the future.

The whole model has been airbrushed with different Vallejo yellows. Weathering includes, as always for my Imperial Fists, spots of brown, applied with a blister sponge, before some washes. The decal lettering “Arachnus” is from the OOP Imperial Knight decals sheet.







5 responses to “Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought

  1. Excellent weathering and the bold colour choice really works on this model. Might be an idea to add a thin brown wash to the grass on the base and maybe some more shrubs etc., but looks good as it is.

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