More 30k Mechanicum

Twitter made me lazy, I guess. I can’t come up with a better excuse of the 2 month hiatus since the last blog post. I finished quite some stuff in between, most recently more 30k Mechanicum models, while completing both the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies by Dan Abnett. Fantastic novels, exactly what I like about the 40k universe in general. If you never read some, do it now! 🙂

After finishing my first Mechanicum batch, I pretty much instantly got some more of Forgeworld’s lovely Martian robots. As a long time Necron player, of course I had to complete the set of tentacle-swinging Scyllax Guardian-automata first. Brilliant models, but, as you’d probably guess, a bit fiddly to build. The advantage of Resin is clearly that you can heat and bent it, so no tentacle is exactly the same. I haven’t even read their rules yet, I just wanted them in my army because they look just awesome. But with chainsaws, boltguns and their pointy tentacles they will hopefully be of some use.

After a black priming, I airbrushed them silver, added bronze details and gave them several washes of Nuln oil and Agrax Earthshade, followed by a light silver drybrush. I kept their carapaces black and added a few details, before weathering with Model Mates and GW technical colours.



Next I did a squad of 10 Tech-thralls with las-locks. Sadly FW doesn’t say on their website who designed them, but I’ll try to find out next time I’m in Nottingham to see if he/she came up with the idea after playingh too much Bioshock 😉 The models are basically just two parts, body and a combination of arms and weapons, which leaves little room for conversions. I painted them pretty much in the same way as the Scyllax. To break up the generally dark colours, I decided to add purple lenses, which seems to have made the trick.



More Mechanicum models are already waiting for me on the painting table, maybe it will not take another two months to post them on the blog…. Maybe… No promises, though 😉


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