Cerastus Knight Castigator

Busy times here at the Reaktor HQ 🙂 I spent quite some time and work on photos for a rulebook of a certain game, which will see the light of day very soon. Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you more at the moment. NDAs and stuff… Beside that, I painted lots of new TK units and played quite a few games of Age of Sigmar, which I really love. I know it’s not the case for everyone, but my gaming group is just excellent and more story than competition oriented. That helps I guess.

My newest addition might start off a new trend for me: Nearly exactly 1 year after I painted the Lancer, I finished a Cerastus Knight Castigator. It’s a nice addition to the melee focused Lancer and a bit of an all-round weapon. Of course I choose the color scheme and heraldry of House Hawkshroud for him.





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