Stormcast Eternal

Warhammer is dead, long live Warhammer!


The Age of Sigmar, which is apparently GW’s reboot of Warhammer Fantasy, is up for preorder since yesterday. I read the rules and my Tomb King warscrolls (which are all available for free on GW’s website) yesterday and I like everything so far. Sure, it’s a totally different game, but that’s not necessarily bad. I’ll still keep playing Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition. But the new rules allow me to have quicker games, with less rulebook studies in between and a bit more silliness.

The already sold out White Dwarf 75 not only contained the full AoS rules, but also a nice attachment, one of the new models for AoS brand new faction, a Stormcast Eternal. I had to wait until Germany cooled down a bit in the evening to paint it 🙂 The quality is really great (what you’d expect from GW) and it’s the perfect beginners faction. Big flat areas, which make painting quick and easy, but enough details to keep the mini interesting. I hope you like it!


PS: I realized I was all out of blue colors once I had started painting, so I had to improvise a bit 😀


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