Warhammer 30k – Mechanicum

I recently finished these as a test to see if I’d like to paint some more to build up a new Mechanicum army. I don’t know many people playing 30k, but I guess it would be easy to use the models as proxies for a 40k AdMech army. For the color scheme I copied (shamelessly) the brilliant Slayer Sword winning Thanatar Siege Automata by Richard Gray, which is in Warhammer Visions #16 in all its glory. Most painters seem to go for the usual Martian red/white color combo, but I wanted to use something different, which would also tie in with my Imperial Fists and Hawkshroud Knight.

My first unit is a small Thallax Cohort, which I will bring to 10 models. I really like the design, even though my buddy Christian told me their weapons look like water pistols (also thanks to the colors I used) and I can’t get that impression out of my head anymore 😀

I am not so fond of the Castellax Battle Automata. I like the model, but it wasn’t exactly much fun to paint, so I am glad it’s finished. Unfortunately, I’ll need at least 2 more 🙂
The rust was more or less an experiment to see if Modelmates Rust would stand out enough on a black background. I am happy that it does, it makes altering the fiddly robots even quicker!


2 responses to “Warhammer 30k – Mechanicum

  1. A truely superb paintjob. Looks very good and I must say the miniatures avoid some of the 40k design features I don’t like. Is there a fluff reason for the prevalence of robots instead of Space Marines?

    • Thanks a lot!! All non-robot members of the Mechanicum are at least partially modified and glorify the Omnissiah (Machine god). They are obsessed with technological equipment and enhancements and run the Forge Worlds, which produce the Titans and other Imperial war machines. Have a look at the Lexicanum Wiki for more info: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Adeptus_Mechanicus

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