Inq28 – The beginning

Visit your favorite online forum, open a thread like “anyone here remembering Necromunda?” and measure the time it will take for someone to reply “best gaem evaar!!1” from “GWs golden age”. Blablabla. It will probably take less than 5 mins. To be honest, while the game is quite cool, it’s based on the 2nd edition of 40k and feels a bit outdated today. It’s the concept, the background and the art of Necromunda (and Inquisitor) which makes it so fascinating. Time to get into it once again!

While it would be easier to grab one of my existing, painted and ready-to-go gangs (Orlocks and Scavvies), I decided to hop onto the bandwagon of Inq28. It’s a merged system of Necromunda and Inquisitor in 28mm. Well, more 32mm if you look at GWs models, but anyway… It’s more or less what you see regularly in the Blanchitsu section of Warhammer Visions or White Dwarf.

If you’re interested in Inq28, I recommend the Ammobunker forum and should you need some inspiration, head over to the Eternal Hunt blog. Excellent stuff!

There’s no background story for my gang yet, I didn’t even come up with names for the members. That’ll be done once I feel like it’s ready for the first game!




Yesterday marked my 2nd WordPress birthday, so thank you very much to all readers and commenters. I hope you feel entertained once in a wile 🙂


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