Salute 2015 – the loot

You simply don’t just visit Salute. You spend some hard earned cash on fancy new toy soldiers. And even though I’m trying to focus on a limited amount of projects at a time, I am no exception to this universal convention rule, although the exchange rate from EUR to GBP spoils the fun. A lot. Most products are cheaper in Germany, in most cases even if there were discounted! Nonetheless, I bought stuff and most of it has already been painted 🙂

Perry Miniatures, Limited Edition mounted officer

Heresy Miniatures, Brother Bude the Exorcist

Otherworld Miniatures, donkeys (got them cheap 😀 )

Finally, 7TV and addons, from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

River Horse ran a timed building competition for their new Terminator Genisys models. It takes less than a minute to get 2 full and one half (damaged) Terminators from a single frame! Painting time is about the same 😀 (silver undercoat, Nuln Oil, details)

And some bits and other stuff.


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