#artchallenge entries

I’ve been nominated on Twitter to take part in a challenge. The rules are simple: For 5 days, you have to post 3 pictures of your artwork under the tag #artchallenge and nominate someone else each day. So far so easy, or so I thought.

Here’s a recap of new pictures I took for my entries:

Day 1:
My recently finished Warhammer Quest Witch Hunter is facing some Undead in Morrs Garden.

Beastmen chief and shaman from my WHFB Beastmen army I started 12 years ago.

Models from Urban War. Probably painted about 9 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t remember very much about the game itself.

Day 2:
A quick overview on my favorite 40k factions, all models have been featured on the blog already.



Day 3 was focussed on my Wars of the Roses retinue, which I’ll show here very soon. For days 4-5 I used several pictures from my Blog, because I didn’t have any time to take new pictures. Overall, the challenge was great fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.


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