German Hetzer tank

Meet the Hetzer, officially known as Jagdpanzer 38 (Sd.Kfz 138/2), designed and manufactured by Škoda. It was in production from 1944-45, with about 2900 built units. The main gun was a Pak 39 (shooting similar ammunition as the Pak 40) for tank hunting and a (remote controlled) MG 34.

Due to the high production number, several Hetzer tanks survived. If you live near Hamburg, Germany, you can see one at the Tank Museum Munster.


To add a bit of color variety, I decided to add an aerial recognition flag. It’s folded up because I don’t like Swastikas on my models (and it’s a bit of a problem in Germany anyway). The flag and jerrycan are from a vehicle accessory kit I purchased years ago from Old Crow. The tank commander comes with the model (from Warlord Games), the antenna is a simple wire bent to shape. Decals are from Tamiya.



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