Realm of Chaos warriors

I started wargaming in the mid 90s (expect a 20th anniversary post this summer 😉 ), so of course I still have fond memories of the classic late 80s Citadel models. Some slightly older kids (Hendrik, Martin, Olli) in my neighborhood played Warhammer, Space Marine, ManO’War and all the other great classics. I tried to sneak into their gaming sessions as often as I could and was amazed by the models, games, terrain, literally everything. One of the kids (Hendrik, who recently started painting again) had a particularly lovely painting style, heavily influenced by a mighty tome and one of the earliest hobby-centered books I am aware of: Heroes for Wargames


If you like to read about GW in the 80s, try to get one on eBay! What I especially like about the painted models from the 80s is the amount of detail. The painting was crude, mostly dark or muted colors, sometimes involving heavy drybrushing. Models were clumsy, so the artists had to paint on lots of details. The shield designs from that era are just gorgeous!

So it happened that while digging through several nearly forgotten boxes the other day, I came across the Realm of Chaos warrior 06. Pure joy took over. I remembered one of the aforementioned kids (Olli) selling me RoC warrior 11, sometime in the late 90s and found it in horrible condition on one of my shelves.


Of course I had to paint them immediately!


I forgot to take a pic of the shield, so here’s one from the painting session. I tried to emulate the old 80s designs a bit.


The Chaos warhounds in the front are from the Spanish company Gamezone Miniatures.



A final word to Hendrik, Martin & Olli, should they read this: Thank you guys for all the inspiration! 🙂


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