The last of 2014

A productive hobby-year comes to an end. It’s been great fun and even though I didn’t finish everything that I wanted to, I really can’t complain over my overall output. I painted lots of Imperial Fists (quite a few were not shown here, I should really take some pics of them…), a Forgeworld Cerastus Knight Lancer, odd bits and pieces and started a Bolt Action force. Over the year, I discovered Twitter to be my favorite place to share WIP pictures and I will continue to do so in 2015. This blog is reserved for better pictures, scenery shots and maybe more gaming reports like our 40k Apocalypse games. Come back and see for yourself 😉

As a farewell gift to 2014, here are 3 more models I finished in December.

Cthonian by RAFM Miniatures


Tsuthoggua by RAFM Miniatures

Black Dragon by Wizards of the Coast (OOP, product code 40055). A complete metal model and a pain to assemble.

Thanks for reading my blog, following me on Twitter and thanks for being such an awesome community #warmongers! Have a good 2015!


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