Halfling adventurer

I’ve been pretty busy with work the last 4 weeks and finished nearly nothing of my wip projects. I did however, squeeze in another Apocalypse game, from which I will post pictures as usual as soon as possible. To get back into the proper painting mood I picked a random fantasy blister from my lead pile. To my surprise I had not realized I possessed these models, I remember winning the blister pack at the Horisont convention in Denmark back in 2011, but I never really looked into it… Anyway, the models are from BeDerken Miniatures, available from Darkling Games, who also publish the Skulldred skirmish rules.

Morphy Taters Boggart Adventurer (size is ~1.8 cm from head to toe)

Dubious Treasure Chest

And of course, another scenery shot, just because 🙂 (enhanced by WoWFX)


2 responses to “Halfling adventurer

  1. The face is really expressive further enhanced by your paint job. I guess he has a face only a mother can love, but then he might be considered very handsome amongst Halflings ;). I also like the scenic shot with the smoke effect.

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