English archers 1415 – 1429

Part of Perry Miniatures upcoming christmas release, The English Army 1415 – 1429, these six archers are from a single plastic frame I got into my hands a few weeks ago during a trip to Nottingham. Sculpted by Alan Perry, they represent the typical English longbow archers from 1380 to around 1440. Poses and body proportions are quite realistic and the frames offer plenty of weapon and equipment options.

The green/white hoods are based on an illustration from Peter Dennis in the Osprey “The Longbow”. Edward III. ordered the issue of green and white livery to archers from Wales and Cheshire in 1346, before the battle of Crécy.




If you like them, my buddy Frank painted another set, click here! 🙂


2 responses to “English archers 1415 – 1429

  1. This increased output of plastic models from the Perrys makes me so happy they left GW.
    Also your painting really brings out the best in these models!

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