Wehrmacht Infantry Squad

After playing lots of 40k during the last 2 years, I felt it was about time to dive into historical wargaming once again. My 15mm crusaders are just one step into that direction. I will paint them as an in-between project. My current focus is on Bolt Action, specifically the German Wehrmacht in middle and late war.

So, without further nonsense, this is the first of four squads! As usual, I painted a test model first, only to realize that the BA German Field Grey Spray primer is not exactly the colour I wanted. It’s a bit too light for the late war uniform. It works well with using a dip, but that’s not particularly my style. I darkened it a bit with a wash of Vallejo German Field Grey (which is considerably darker) and I’ll try to find a different recipe with the next squad.


After completing the squad, I had a bit of fun with my setup, which has improved a bit (I hope 🙂 ).



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