Crusaders Heavy Infantry

In 2010/2011 we had a big Field of Glory hype in our local club. So big actually, that even I couldn’t resist and invested in a crusaders army worth 500 points of Legio Heroica 15mm models. Unfortunately, for several reasons, the tide turned, the hype ended and I never really got to work on the army. Until now, that is! 🙂 My friend Johannes recently started building and painting the force he bought 3 years ago. Time to jump in! 😀

This is my first battlegroup, heavy infantry armed with spears, protected by chainmail and shields. The banner (from Fanaticus) is simply printed on paper, repainted and glued with PVA. Painting took just 2 nights, but I still need to learn a lot for this scale. Painting and especially highlighting 15mm is really different from 28mm.



If you like medieval 15mm stuff, check out the work of Frank Bauer and Frank Picolin.


2 responses to “Crusaders Heavy Infantry

  1. I almost missed these splendid miniatures! Beautifully painted and weathered. The latter I still have to try. So far I was a bit afraid I would ruin the paint job, but your example shows me that subtle is the way to go.

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