Gladiator No. 4 – Secutor

The Jugula project is finished! 🙂 The last gladiator is another type-mashup, with the body of a Secutor and the trident of a Retiarius. Originally, the Secutor fought the Retiarius in the arena, so mine probably picked up the trident during a fight. The model is from Pegasus Hobbies, scale 1/32.



2 responses to “Gladiator No. 4 – Secutor

  1. Great stuff man. I bought the Jugula rule book because of these posts! Have been thinking about scaling it up and playing with 54mm minis; check out Pegaso minis or Scale 75. Also, have you heard of Arena Rex?

    • Thanks Edmund! All 4 of my gladiators are actually 54mm (1/32) scale, it’s really great fun to paint them. Also the Pegasus models are bloody cheap and quite good quality, not too much flash and easy to paint. Arena Rex rings a bell, but I don’t think I played it before.

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