Hordes – Circle Orboros Warpack

If you’ve followed my recent Twitter activity, you’ve already witnessed my attempts at painting lots of Imperial Fists during the last 4 weeks for an Apocalypse game this weekend. Well, I experienced a Space Marine overkill and needed to paint something completely different to relax a bit. Going through my stuff I found some assembled models from Privateer Press’ excellent Hordes. I bought these at release (Wikipedia says that was 2006) but I never painted the full starter box, because I was playing Warmachine at that time and was too focused on painting the Protectorate of Menoth. The football world cup came in handy because it’s easy to follow while painting 🙂

Anyway, here’s Kaya, painted in 2006:

And here are the recent additions, the rest of the starter box contents:




I hope you didn’t mind this non-Citadel excursion, I’ll be back to the regular schedule very soon 🙂


4 responses to “Hordes – Circle Orboros Warpack

  1. Those are very nice, Kaya and the big wolf in particular.

    The gold is very nice. Do you have a recipe/technique that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

    • Of course! The idea is to go from dark brown to yellow to white. I use a mix of different paint manufacturers, but you should get the idea: Start with a very dark brown as basecoat (e.g. Foundry Bay Brown), then first a 50:50 mix followed by pure GW Mournfang Brown, followed by a 50:50 mix with Vallejo Yellow Ochre, pure Ochre, 50:50 mix Ochre and Flat Yellow and finally pure Flat Yellow, highlighted with 50:50 Flat yellow and pure white and as last step apply some pure white spots. It’s not that hard actually just needs a bit of practice. The smoother you mix, the better it looks of course, but even the little steps from above give you a good result, as long as you don’t take super-near closeups 🙂

      • Great, thanks! Tend to edge highlight a lot of textures in a similar fashion to technique, but stick to metallic paints for metallic areas in an attempt to vary the visual interest. Im tempted to give your technique a go on gold some time though.
        Thanks for your help 🙂

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