Hobby organization

The current painting project nicely arranged between brushes, tools, glue, plastic bits, resin dust, a pile of paint pots from various manufacturers and half finished projects lurking in the background. Posting workstation or hobby desk pictures on the internet is a trend for everyone and his grandmother. I am no exception. Actually, I like watching hobby desk photos to spot the neglected projects, half done and in some cases eternally damned never to be picked up again. I am often amazed how many projects suffer from bad organization. In theory it should be so easy: 1. buy the models, 2. paint them. But in real life, we’re often distracted by a new game/force/range on the internet/club/friends. The often misunderstood internal business practice of GW: hold back everything until the very last moment, because the impulse buyer is by far the best customer. There is no way to deny it, we’re their perfect target audience. Well, if you’re reading a painting blog I am 100% sure you know exactly what I am talking about. So I will come straight to the point:

Get organized!

My daily job is in software consulting and a particularly popular method of project and task tracking for software development is Kanban. The Kanban board tracks all pending and current tasks through various stages of completion. The perfect thing for us hobby junkies!

How do you start?

Either grab a pen, a few pieces of paper and start right away with an old school analog board or join the cool kids of the digital age and pick one of the free web-based solutions available on the internet. My favorite tool is Trello (https://trello.com/).
Trello is free and offers everything you’ll need. You can create multiple boards and work on them alone or cooperative with others.


Each board can be configured with a number of rows to your liking and working style. The tasks themselves can be moved between the rows and not only track the progress, but also hold all kind of information. From descriptive texts, checklists, links, attachments, pictures, labels, dates, you name it.



A Kanban board for painting made my organization and project commitment a lot better, maybe it will also help you? Good luck! 🙂


3 responses to “Hobby organization

  1. I love this idea. I am quite productive hobby wise, but I regularly have this niggling feeling that I am forgetting more projects than remembering. I also occasionally group unpainted miniatures from various sources together so that I remember to paint them as a group at some unspecified future date, which leads to some miniatures ending up “filed” in the wrong location.

    I have installed the Trello app on my phone and my Chromebook. Hopefully this is that start of a new organisational hobby era. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. “Kanban board” – well that’s Japanese originally. They really have a penchant for organizing work, individually as well as collaboratively. And it shows in the quality (as it does in your stuff, a lot of which I have from time to time admired).

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