Imperial Fists Stormtalon Gunship #2

The second and for now last Stormtalon. I am really looking forward to use both, I just need some more IF infantry. The escort rule sounds great in theory and I am eager to test it! Excuse some of the darker than usual images, my photo-fu was a bit weak today.








4 responses to “Imperial Fists Stormtalon Gunship #2

  1. I’m envious of your production speed. It takes me an entire week to get a single unit of scouts done. These models are great! Are you using a sponge to get the chipping on the edges?

    • Thanks! Actually, I did not finish the complete model this week, as I worked on both models simultaneously. I also take lots of shortcuts, e.g. there are nearly no highlights on my IF vehicles. A whole squad in a week is quicker than me, keep it up! 🙂 All damages are applied with a blister sponge, around the edges and tiny bits over the models to break up the cleanliness.

      • Awesome! Thanks! Been really trying to learn and apply weathering/damage to thinks to break up the blacks on my templars. Do you purity seal/varnish before the weathering/damage stage?

      • The sponge paint is applied directly to the model, no varnishing is required first. I think you can also have some great effects on Black Templars if you’re using weathering powders.

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