How to paint Necrons infantry my way

Here’s a brief description on my way to paint Necrons quick and effective. After getting back into 40k, I wanted to play as quick as possible, ‘painted-only’ of course. So the main goal of this method was to find reasonable compromise between result and effort. I was inspired by Garfy from Tale of Painters.


Undercoat with Army Painter Platemail spray primer and wait until the models are completely dry.


Apply the first wash of Agrax Earthshade, don’t use too much, as it gathers in the recesses and occludes details. Wait until fully dried.


Apply the second wash of Agrax Earthshade.


Apply a wash of Nuln Oil. This will give more depths, but also makes the figure even darker (of course). If it’s too dark for your taste, leave out the second wash of Agrax Earthshade.


Apply highlights on edges with Boltgun metal. The green parts have been painted with several coats of Warpstone Glow mixed with yellow. I like Vallejo Model Color Flat Yellow, because it’s a bit thicker than most other yellow paints I tried. I usually highlight until pure yellow in 3 stages. After that, wash all green parts with Biel Tan green wash.

To distinguish the Immortals on the tabletop easier, I painted their shoulder pads with brass, highlighted into silver and again washed with Agrax Earthshade.





4 responses to “How to paint Necrons infantry my way

  1. Bloody brilliant. Thanks a mil, mate! I, too, saw Garfy’s, and decided to do something about the battle force that was sat in a box and desperate to make it to the table. This is terrific. Thanks again.

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