WIP Necron Tesseract Vault

My super secret surprise for the 40k big game next weekend. What a project. The model is really great but takes forever to paint, way more than I imagined, especially considering the many flat areas on it. A pure airbrush paintjob would have been more effective.

20131116_tesseract_vault_1 20131116_tesseract_vault_2 20131116_tesseract_vault_3 20131116_tesseract_vault_4 20131116_tesseract_vault_5 20131116_tesseract_vault_6 20131116_tesseract_vault_7 20131116_tesseract_vault_8 20131116_tesseract_vault_9 20131116_tesseract_vault_10 20131116_tesseract_vault_11 20131116_tesseract_vault_12

Now back to the brushes…



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