Necrons vs. Eldar + new WIPs

I didn’t spend any night at my local club in weeks, but yesterday I managed to arrange a 1250 P game of 40k vs. my club mate Christian. He owns a superbly painted Eldar force and is always fun to play with. Games are less competition focussed and more on having a good time, just as I like it, being the typical casual gamer.




I scored some pretty neat deals on ebay, which I’ll cover over the next weeks, after finishing my next two dreadnoughts.



The first ebay project after them will be a landspeeder. I got two in a combined auction for around 7 EUR. A sweet deal at first glance, but once they arrived I realized the amount of work I’ll need to put into them before even being able to start painting.




Time to sharpen the hobby knifes and to break out some fresh glue and green stuff 😀


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