On the desk this weekend

Another slow weeks for the Necrons, but at least I managed to have a good game against my friend Vasa. After his Dark Eldar knocked out the Necrons completely 2 weeks ago, I managed to rearrange my tactics successfully and blow his force away. Key to my success were a group of 10 warriors on a night scythe, who managed to safe and defend an objective behind enemy lines. A tactic which I will focus on in the next games.

A picture from 2 weeks ago. You can clearly see the Necron screaming “get him off me” 🙂


Last game, Necrons pushing forward, Dark Eldar already sensing their desctruction.


And finally, my lucky find of the week! During my Bitz Box excavations, I managed to gather quite a few Space Marine bits. Which, when finally put together, look like a start of a new side project. Bongofrog is currently working on a Imperial Fists force for Epic 40k, so I’ll built these as their 28mm counterparts. More SM goodies from eBay are already on their way 🙂



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