For the Imperium!


Finally, the Imperium invades this Blog to restore order and purge the Traitor, the Heretic and the Alien.

First in line is one of my favourite models – indeed maybe the reason why I started collecting an army of Imperial Guard in the first place. I just love the Cadian Stormtrooper Models.

Especially the Sergeant has a very dynamic pose, aiming down his hotshot laspistol.

As with all the models in my army, I tried to tie the overall impression together by using a distinctive colourscheme, basing and painting technique.

The main characteristic is obviously the splinter-camo. Besides from looking cool, it serves as a distractor from the more basic paintjob on the rest of the miniature. As I had to paint a whole army in one go, I had to do some planning in advance.

Every miniature, I started with a spraypainted basecoat of Armypainter´s Green, followed by a neat blockpainting. I finally added the splinters. White first, brown inner spaces second.

I washed (not dipped) the miniature with Army Painter Medium Tone, carefully avoiding excess medium pooling.

I finally added details, highlights and base detail.

This is the basic recipe for all of the army, excluding some special units like my scouts – more to follow soon!


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